Elfin Elvgren!

I love this Gil Elvgren pin-up interpretation by Eddie Loven. Also, NSFW!

Ahoy There!

Nice work from Kim Reed.

Fill 'Er Up!

Great cartoony girl from Jeff Gogue


A less traditional Joe Capobianco piece

All The Page

Portrait-master Nikko Hurtado's scarily realistic Bettie Page

Pho' Sho'

Nice grey'n'grey Robert Pho ink.

Classic Capobianco

A classic example from a pin-up master, Jo Capobianco, and the subject of the temporary site header (temporary until i can be arsed making something better).

Steaming Hot!

Last one for day one: More Jeff Gogue awesomeness, just because.

New Hotness: Robot Mermaids

With, um, rockets. Tattoo by L.A.Ink's Hannah Aitchison, who is way too good for that ego-wank soap opera.

Maid to Measure

I'm a big fan of Jeremy Fierto's French maid. Ooh la la, as they say in Wales

Whoah, Nudity!

Yup, Bettie Page boobs. This pic blog will be like that. NSFW.

Don't say I didn't warn you, even though I didn't.

Another Jeff Gogue masterwork.

Pin-Up #1

And the dubious honour of being number one goes to Jeff Gogue, for this stunning ink. His newly redesigned website is here.