Full Arm Tribal Tattoo Design

This is Full Arm Tribal Tattoo Design engraved on the Arm; it is much trendy in Young and Muscle men. Their attractiveness ranges from the pragmatic continent of North America to the pious lands of Asia. When you think of a Tattoo, the Arm is one of the finest smudge to consider.

Popularity of these types of Tattoo Designs in youth just because of young men loves to show off seditious designs on their biceps and triceps.

Back Tribal Tattoo Designs

This is Tribal Tattoo Design for the Back, It is very popular Tattoo Design specially in Young Boys, usually this type of Tattoos Design are done by the Black Color

Try as I might... I can't keep this one a secret. Here's a sneek peak of our Naked City Magazine advertisment. It was just too hilarious and awesome to keep it under wraps. Thanks to Jordon for being such a good sport. Our plan is to have a new "model" each month. This is going to get raw.

Tattoo conventions and professionalism.

So this year, PennyBlack will be representing at the Lethbridge Windy City Tattoo Weekend.
Last year was a ton of fun, and that was just before the studio actually came into being, so this year should be even better with our full crew.

We are also trying to sort out the logistics of getting a booth at the Capital City Tattoo Convention in Victoria.

What we will -not- be doing is supporting the West Coast Tattoo Culture Show. The reasons for this are multi-fold:

-The pricing for booths is, in my opinion, fairly exorbitant. I understand that these events are anything but cheap to put on, but making the artists pay as much as this convention is asking strikes me as unfair. As with so many other aspects of life in Vancouver, these booth rental fees are more a reflection of what people will pay, not what its worth.

-The convention promoters decided to offer half-price booth rental to any studio from the USA, and free booths to anyone from overseas. This strikes us as completely unfair. We're sure the promoters intention was to be more inviting to studios from far and wide. However, its also a fairly blunt statement- "You locals aren't good enough, you don't have enough draw, so you can pay full price." In short, there's nothing fair and equal about such a multi-tiered pricing structure.

-Professionalism. More importantly, the complete and utter lack thereof. Consider the massive banner that loads upon visitation of the West Coast Tattoo Culture Show. Second image down, the 'douchebag alert'. Now, folks, we don't know what has happened between the promoters of this convention and the West Coast Piercing and Ink Den, nor do we particularly care. As it stands, we don't actually even know anyone from either camp.

What we -do- care about is the shockingly unprofessional behavior of the promoters. A banner such as this makes all of the team assembling this look like children. It's infantile, unnecessary, and serves only to reinforce negative stereotypes that we as tattoo industry professionals are trying to overcome. Well, some of us are, at least.
Thus- to the un-informed observer, this is what 'tattoo culture' is- petty name calling.

So. Yes. This is why we at PennyBlack won't be representing at this convention, opting instead to travel out of town to where I know we will have fun and where we know we'll be avoiding the playground politics so willfully engaged in locally.


My Little Porny

It's a rainy day in Vancouver- but then again, when is it not?
Progress is being made on this blog, but as with everything besides actual tattooing, it's taking some time. Biographies will be placed sooner than later, and photos are still being resized for suitable uploading.

We're still a little confused regarding how busy we've been. Typically, slow season for tattooing lasts from mid-November to late February, but we've been almost as busy in January as we were through the summer. Must be our sunny disposition, hmm?






The quest for legitimacy

|Our dot-com has been registered for awhile, but it's just been hovering in development hell. Slapping a blog up is better than the default placeholder that bluehost gives us. We'll be putting up more content as it occurs to us.

Butterfly Foot Tattoo Design

This is Butterfly Foot Tattoo for girls or women, these types of Tattoos are mainly Female Tattoos and very well-liked in young girls, Tattoos on Foot are come in a great range of shapes and designs. The Foot Tattoos have been a popular trend for recent years among women. Many girls or women have taken the jump and already gotten foot and Wrist Tattoo Designs. Foot is a great place for a Butterfly Tattoo Design in view of the fact that they will be easy to cover up when needed and show off when you desire. These types of Butterfly Tattoos are very attractive and also they are small and the work can usually be done in just a few hours.

Lower Back Tribal Tattoo For Women

This is Lower Back Tribal Tattoo Design for women and young girls specially; Lower Back is also a enormous place for a combination of Designs. A Lower Back can be very dazzling, and is a good option for grouping artwork. These types of Tribal Tattoos Designs for Lower Back are much well-liked in women. A well designed Lower Back Tattoos should emphasize a Girls curvature. While some Lower Back Tattoos are small, other are more prominent, particularly if you are a young girl tend to prefer designs that are playful and sexy, and that is fine; but giving the proper thought of the meaning behind a design will likely ensure that you continue to be happy with you selection throughout the years. These types of Tribal Tattoos for Back usually done by different colors and designs.