Lady in Red

An awesome piece from one of the UK's best tattooists, Bez of Triple Six Tattoo

Ooh la la!

It just doesn't get much better than Jeff Gogue's French Maid.

It's a sign!

Denis Prevost's Virgo lady doesn't look to virginal to me!

Artistic Nude!

I love Claire Reid's style, even on this unfinished piece

Udderly terrific!

Nice cowgirl, Joe Capobianco.

I've got a thermometer...

..that'll keep you bedridden for a week! ARF! Another signature Joe Capobianco nurse

That Glass Is Going To Fall

Honestly, Jamie Schene.

Mmm, Nyargh!

I can't work out whether she's afraid or trying to seduce me. Obviously intenional amiguity from Nikko Hurtado!