I love the fucked-up style of Kamil Mocet, it certainly works well in this piece.

La Vie En Rose

A nice departure from the gory stuff he's famous for - Tim Kern

Lovely, Boyo!

More Old Skool effort from Matt Kolling, but Ay Caramba! (or whatever they say in Wales)

What a Temptress!

I love the subtle effects in this Matt Kolling piece

Weighed Down

Another lascivious Tim orth nude

Bound To Please

Love this Tim Orth tattoo, although I bet this guy gets some funny looks on the beach.

Back To Nudity

Dita Von Teese-esque stuff from Jamie Ruth

Sk8ter Girl

In a change from recent posts, here's a gorgeous pin-up with her clothes ON, this time by Matt Kolling.

Skinny Dipping

In the spirit of that Vicky Pollard bird who jumped into the pool in Big Brother last night, here's some other bird with big norks, courtesy of John Fitzgerald.