I Should Be In The Kitchen

Another tattooist who has been featured heavily here is Hannah Aitchison. This is one of my favourite Hannah tattoos, which was done on LA Ink. I love the text too!

Red Hot

This simple but very pretty pinup was done by Cara Massacre, whose increasingly impressive work we have seen before.


  If you find yourself browsing the magazine section at Barnes and Nobles and don't wanna look like a total pervoid buying a bunch of porn mags then scoop up the July issue of Savage #101.  It'll add a little variety to the mix.  


This is the second of three pieces I am putting together for a series called "Create your own Chaos". The print run will be limited to 50 and each print will be signed and numbered. All prints are on William Turner 310 paper which is a mould-made, 310 gsm natural white media, 100% rag, age resistant paper with a fine toothy surface. They will be printed 16"X20" and $60 a piece.  If you'd like to scoop one up click the link above and it'll take you to my Website's Store.


My boy Jason just jumped on the bandwagon and started a blog.  Check him out:


The Beautiful and The Damned

Nice 20s style pinup from Jason Butcher, looks like it was ripped from an F Scott Fitgerald cover.


As promised, a better picture of the Skwirl piece all cleaned up and ready to wear:)


After about 3.5 months (roughly 110 hours) worth of painting it's finally finished:)  If you want to see the whole process from start to finish you can click the tab below that says  DUMB POLITICIAN PAINTING (IN PROGRESS).  

The last 22 hours I spent just bumping contrast, cooling and warming specific sections of the painting and re-rendering areas that bothered me.  

I should have prints available in a couple of weeks so if you're interested in scooping one up keep your eyes peeled!!



I'm in the process of putting together some T-Shirts and was wondering which colorway you guys thought looked best.  Lemme know!


Apparently he didn't hear about the zombie jellyfish infested waters :'(

More-Gil Girl

High contrast photorealism from Cecil Porter.