Plane Gash (sorry)

And finally for today, a wicked rib-piece done by realistic king Cecil Porter.

Not Ugly Bettie

Bettie Page, as rendered by Pinup master Steve Soto

Perky Plumage

Classic old school, wonderfully crisp, from a new tattooist to the blog, Shakey Pete. You can also find an excellent owl he did on Owl Tattoos.

Dan Hazelton Collabo Sketch!

Just got back from a week in Milwaukee visiting and drawing with my buddy Dan Hazelton ( The sketch below was one of two collabos that we started while I was there. We started sketching around midnight and finished up around 7 or 8 in the morning:) I'm about to pick up a Wacom tablet this week so hopefully we can get this jammer knocked out!

Check Out My Post

To be honest, most of the tattoos uploaded to Check Out My Ink are, to put it mildly, shit. But I had a look through the pinup category and picked out a selection of the best....

I'm a huge fan of the second pic, wonder who that's by?

Bend Over and Cough

Another, more cartoony nurse from Johanna


Although the path is rocky, it'll make you stronger in the long run:)

Under The SeaWeed

Another classic Mike De Masi Piece, he of the pink lady in the 'submit your tattoo' pic on the right.

Hello Sailor!

Anon reader submission, done at Ed Hardy's Tattoo City, San Francisco.

Snow Good

New Joe Capobianco Snow Queen.

Lucky Lady

Nice gambling themed piece from Vinny Burkhart.


The Hell City Tattoo Convention was all that I had expected and more.  I had loads of fun.  To all of you who stopped by my booth and buried me with compliments, "Thank you".  It was good to put some faces to some avatars:)  

Below is a tattoo I dropped off on a client who flew in from Ireland to get tattooed by me (I was super flattered!).  Took me about 6.5 hours to complete.

OctoMilf and The Bandit

A couple of new, sleazy Mark Dupp pinups...


Another superbly detailed Gil Elvgren peice from Cecil Porter