Dropped this off in San Diego back in July!


Dropped this off in Cocoa, Florida back in June. Took me about 9 hours. Been too busy to get anything on here lately. I'm gonna try and update a little more frequently here in the next couple of weeks. Got a ton of new stuff to show off. Stay tuned...

National Elv

Another classic Elvgren peice from Tim Harris.

Ill Health

Nice and dark from Claire Reid


Put this little guy together for the upcoming Kid Robot Munny show that will take place in New York on Nov. 13-15. If you're in the area and are interested in checking out the show stop on by. The address is:

The Eloquent Delinquents Gallery
41 Wooster Street, New York, NY

For more info visit the website:)

Lady Luck

Nice reader submission from Erin, done by Tiffany at Planet Ink Studios in Ottawa,Ontario Canada.


Dropped this off in Vegas at the Mario Barth's Biggest show on Earth. Took me about 9.5 hours.

What about Bob?

Vintage Bob Tyrell

Poles Apart

A nice reader submission from Jakub from Poland. Tattoo by Batoon.

Coming Up Rosey

...and the wonderful Marilyn portrait below is followed by possibly the best ever tattooist submission, which comes from Anabi Tattoo in Poland. Again, whoah.

Some Like It Hot!

This next tattoo could be the best reader submission I've ever recieved. Veronica's wonderful Marilyn Monroe portrait was done by Stefano Alcantara of Last Rites, NY. Whoah. It puts Megan Fox's arm into context, for sure.

Ooh Arrrrrr!

This wench comes from 'landpirate, done by Jamie Davies at Tattooz Ink, Redding, Ca.

Masi Attack

Tiffany sent in this nice Mike De Masi pinup.

Reed to Rights

Superb portrait of Raquel Reed (well, it takes all sorts) by Alex De Pase.

Believe In Your Dreams!

Sound advice from Adrian Gallego.

Plastic Fantastic!

Nice Barbie portrait from Tim Harris


Vince Villalvazo back on the blog with a nice Elvgren.

Never the Bride

A couple of recent Joe Capobianco hands that I love.

Glad to see you!

In progress Gladiator style woman from the quite brilliant Jeff Gogue.

Red or Dead

A nastier Little Red Riding Hood than I remember from the story, thanks to Jo Harrison.

Stans To Reason

Tattoist submission from Chris Stans, working at Kapala tattoo in Winnipeg, Canada.

Flare Rib

Marilyn sent in this excellent submission, a Gil Elvgren piece by Jose Lopez at Lowrider Tattoo in Fountain Valley.


You can't beat a bit of Lynda Carter! Done by the brilliant Nikko Hurtado.


Bjorn sent in this great recreation of a Loish (Lois van Baarle) pinup, done by Miro at Skinlab Tattoo, Prague.

Thigh, Robots

Awesome reader submission here from Gareth, whose sci-fi themed sleeves were done by Mo Coppoletta of the Family Business in Laaaaaaahdan.


So I arrived in San Diego last week with a few slots available to tattoo. The first day I walked into Five Two Tattoo there was this fella sitting there waiting for me. After talking a bit he asked me if I would be interested in tattooing a "dick on a swing" on his inner thigh. Initially I was really not feeling the idea so I told him I'd think about it and get back to him. After a couple days of dishin around the idea I decided to give it a try. This is what I came up with.

In today's news, Pick and I took a train from San Diego to L.A. It was about a 3 hour trip total. Arrived in L.A. at about 7PM and have been hangin around the hotel catchin up on some internet time. Tomorrow we're gonna stop by the Tattoo Lounge here in Venice beach and talk to Bugs a bit before we head out to the beach to take some photos and do some sketchin. Gotta a couple tattoos that I did in Miami that I'd like to post so hopefully I'll have a little time tomorrow to post them. Till then, Enjoy my Swingin Dick:)

All Good In The Hood

Another Julia Seizure pinup, thanks!

Fairy Good!

I love it when I discover new UK talent! In addition to the huge backpiece below, these cartoon pinups were also done by Emma Kierzek.

Oh knickers!

Nice Gil Elvgren reproduction from Abby Stewart.

I've got the thorn!

Another wonderful piece from Nikko Hurtado!

Booty Shakin'

New School at its best, from Leah Moule.


I dropped this piece off about 2 weeks ago in Miami beach for the first annual Tattoolapalooza. I stayed super busy and got to hang out with one of my bestest friends Jason Stephan. All in all I had a great time!

I ended up scooping up "Tattoo of the Day" on Sat. which is pretty awesome being that there were a ton of Awesome tattoo artists there. The collector of this piece had been battling a disease that ended up requiring surgery and changing his way of life. During his battle with this disease he thought that it would ruin his quality of life. So I created this piece to illustrate that although the disease may have won the small battle, there was a bigger battle to be fought. The battle for the brain and his ability to continue a high quality life even with his loss.

Today Electric Pick and I are gonna go chill out at a cafe' and release some of this creative energy that has accumulated over the past couple of days. We just spent two full days at the comic-con and are overwhelmed by the inspiration. Hopefully I'll have some fun stuff to show you soon. Till then, stay safe, it's a dangerous world out there!!


The pieces posted below were created for a show called "Pint Size Paintings". We were given two 2"X3" canvas' and told to decorate them using paint (either oil or acrylic). Being that the canvas' were so small my first instinct was to create a composition that would stand up not only as two separate pieces but also as one. While sketching on the canvas' I decided to try and connect them on every side. It took me about 4 hours to figure it out and 21 hours to paint it.