Hand Kanji

Pretty cool placement of a kanji... know what would be even cooler? - kanjis on all the knuckles... any takers?

Death Dealers

In honor of his little brother's military service.

Ankh with dragon wings

by LaBello

Nice Sac, Man!

What a pain in the balls this was to do.

Texas bound!!!

Mr. Benjamin Siebert will moving to Austin, TX at the beginning of this summer. He'll be working with Jason Brooks at his shop, Great Wave Tattoo. We'll miss him dearly, but we're very excited for him and this amazing opportunity! If you have unfinished work from Ben, you still have time to catch him before he moves. This certainly will not be the last we'll see of him. Ben will be coming back up to Wichita to work periodically. Email him at bensieberttattooer@gmail.com or come by the shop to set up future appointments. We wish Ben all the best and will miss working with one of the funnest guys on the planet!

Tattoos that look like tattoos!

Amongst the many tattoos that were put on here at Hell Bomb last week, a few of them were actually 'tattoos'! At least by a tattooers standard. It's refreshing to have customers who say, "Do your thing, man, I like your work.", and mean it. Take a lesson from these exceptions to the rule. Leave it to the experts... and you will never be dissapointed.
Steven Turner

Heath Leffel

Spiderweb Cover-Up

Covering up a spiderweb is NO JOKE! Whew!

Birdie Fix

Unique Dream Catcher

by LaBello

Pawprints in the Sand Cover-Up

by LaBello

A flower representing his mother as a start on covering up/fixing this quarter sleeve. The flower is specifically covering up some footprints (previous tattooist) that didn't look Human at all and were really bugging the client...

The Sybol Formerly Known as John Paul Jones

Wrist Ambigram



by LaBello

Foot Butterfly

A pretty butterfly for her first tattoo - complete with her name (y'know - in case she forgets it).

Negative Heart

by LaBello

Baby Girl

by LaBello

Black and Gray Cover-Up

by LaBello