Sweet Puddin'

This is a crossover post from another blog, Batman Tattoos, where this Gabe Tucker tattoo is also posted. I think Harley qualifies for pinup status too, no?

Tamara Never Dies

I love this Tamara De Lempicka tattoo, done by old skool icon Chad Koeplinger

Tamara Never Dies pt 2

Another tattoo that has that Lempicka inspired art deco style...done by aaron 15.

Yellow Fever

Reader Submission! Tina Hope sent this classic pinup in yellow, done by Gary in Illustrated Man, Sydney, Australia.

Tank Girl! (sorta)

Not so punk as the original, mind. Done by Chris Blinston.

Like a Virgin!

Sorry for all the music references. Very 80s, and very gay. Perhaps my unconscious is trying to tell me something. Anyway, this Mary was done by Kristel.

I'm in the Army now, woo-oo!

Another Tony Ciavarro pinup, an army tattooist girl. Which is kind of ironic, given that the army are trying to purge tattooed soldiers from their ranks.

Life's a Beach!

It is for Chris Blinston, anyway.

Underrrrr the seaaaaaaaaa!

This blog needs more Valerie Vargas, her stuff is incredible. I love this old skool mermaid.

We got Needled!

Warning - one pic nsfw, perhaps nsf anything.

Ha! We got featured on Needled's blog here, thanks Marissa! As a result, now I have tattoo artists sending me their pinups! Larry Brogan of Tattoo City SkinArt sent me a shitload, so I've posted the best above, along with a wicked painting he did. I recommend you visit his site though, for the whole enchillada.

Never The Bride

Two lovely renderings of the Corpse Bride, by Zhivko and Mark Dupp respectively.

Celeb Worship

Some celeb pinups, from Aaron 15 (or at least i think thats how his name goes). As if you can't tell, its Dita Von Teese, Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johanssen.

Gypsy King!

A reader submission! This sweet gypsy head was done by Mo Coppoletta of The Family Business, London, on Laurence Pisani.


This Joe Capobianco lady reminds of my favourite Lord Flasheart quote from Blackadder... 'Always treat your plane like you treat your woman...get in her five times a day and take her to Heaven and back!'

Two's Up!

A couple of vintage style pinups from Chris Burnett

Happy Skull!

..and here's the second of the day - Ridiculously good work from Nikko Hurtado

Sad Skull

First Day of the Dead pic today, done by Nate Beavers

Snake Eyes!

Another awesome hand tattoo from Joe Capobianco

Lovely Wifey

More Mike De Masi fabulousness!

Pretty In Pink

I love the neon pink colour of this high contrast Gil Evgren pinup, by Mike De Masi

Nice Beaver(s)

Great work from Nate Beavers, and our second Carmen Electra portrait.

Dead nice!

I love this day of the dead lady by Chris Vennekamp, which (i think) is based on the artwork of Sylvia Ji.

Imagine The Possibilities!

Old-Skool classic, again from Valerie Vargas