Plastic Fantastic!

Nice Barbie portrait from Tim Harris


Vince Villalvazo back on the blog with a nice Elvgren.

Never the Bride

A couple of recent Joe Capobianco hands that I love.

Glad to see you!

In progress Gladiator style woman from the quite brilliant Jeff Gogue.

Red or Dead

A nastier Little Red Riding Hood than I remember from the story, thanks to Jo Harrison.

Stans To Reason

Tattoist submission from Chris Stans, working at Kapala tattoo in Winnipeg, Canada.

Flare Rib

Marilyn sent in this excellent submission, a Gil Elvgren piece by Jose Lopez at Lowrider Tattoo in Fountain Valley.


You can't beat a bit of Lynda Carter! Done by the brilliant Nikko Hurtado.


Bjorn sent in this great recreation of a Loish (Lois van Baarle) pinup, done by Miro at Skinlab Tattoo, Prague.

Thigh, Robots

Awesome reader submission here from Gareth, whose sci-fi themed sleeves were done by Mo Coppoletta of the Family Business in Laaaaaaahdan.