Lady Luck

Nice reader submission from Erin, done by Tiffany at Planet Ink Studios in Ottawa,Ontario Canada.


Dropped this off in Vegas at the Mario Barth's Biggest show on Earth. Took me about 9.5 hours.

What about Bob?

Vintage Bob Tyrell

Poles Apart

A nice reader submission from Jakub from Poland. Tattoo by Batoon.

Coming Up Rosey

...and the wonderful Marilyn portrait below is followed by possibly the best ever tattooist submission, which comes from Anabi Tattoo in Poland. Again, whoah.

Some Like It Hot!

This next tattoo could be the best reader submission I've ever recieved. Veronica's wonderful Marilyn Monroe portrait was done by Stefano Alcantara of Last Rites, NY. Whoah. It puts Megan Fox's arm into context, for sure.

Ooh Arrrrrr!

This wench comes from 'landpirate, done by Jamie Davies at Tattooz Ink, Redding, Ca.

Masi Attack

Tiffany sent in this nice Mike De Masi pinup.